October 23, 2020

Unsolicited Material

TITLE: Unsolicited Material

PREMISE: Writers and screenwriters have encountered this roadblock of a phrase many times before: “no unsolicited material” but when a wily and eccentric old African American screenwriter discovers a new Hispanic talent he is no longer willing to tolerate Hollywood’s closed doors. An improbable team maneuver to pitch a movie to a Hollywood heavy.

GENRE: Drama, Hollywood drama

TIME: Contemporary

SETTING: Contemporary

MARKET: USA, International

WRITER: Alan Nafzger

CONTACT: alan.nafzger@gmail.com


OTHER INFORMATION: This is a compete and ready to shot screenplay.

A character driven “Hollywood” story.

Logline: An improbable writing team, an eccentric African American man and a teen Hispanic male, get a chance to pitch a movie to a Hollywood heavy.

Characters: Joseph de la Cosa (81) holds a grudge against the Hollywood establishment. Juan Rodriguez (19) is a tire repair specialist who listens to everything Joseph says.

Joseph Jefferson
· Internal Conflict – disgruntled and jaded writer fights to conceal this from his young mentee.
· External Conflict – failed screenwriter vs. the big studios.

Juan Rodriguez
· Internal Conflict – debates use of the emulation method vs. produce unique scenes.
· External Conflict – young nearly illiterate teen vs. the film industry.

Macro Conflict: East Los Angeles vs. Century City

Micro Conflict: Minority screenwriters vs. Film Industry Executives

Morgan Freeman? Playing the role of Joseph Jefferson can make an actor legendary. He is a very jaded screenwriter. However, he is fighting an internal struggle to keep his young friend from this same fate. Primarily the character of Juan Rodriguez is that of an impressionable young man.

unsolicited material
unsolicited material

Film Goals: Layers of fun and inside jokes about screenwriting make this story great fun for writers. But it also has a serious side, a story about trying to make a movie true to life turning into a life that mirrors movies, a kind of philosophical joke. My goal in writing this film is to make it more complex than a single viewing reveals.


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The Camel Knows The Way

TITLE: The Camel Knows The Way
WRITER: Matthew Riopelle

PREMISE: The true story of Lorna Kelly, the first Female Auctioneer at Sotheby’s, who at the top of her career throws away a brilliant future in the art world and heads off to Calcutta to work with Mother Teresa and the Sisters of Charity. Lorna Kelly was a larger than life Brit with a razor wit sharp and radical red nails. Mother Teresa dubbed her “The Queen of Calcutta.” What happens to her in India — changes everything she knows about herself, the world around her and her sense of purpose in it. It is a story about identity and the gifts that come from losing one’s faith and finding it in the most unexpected places. The New York Times took out this one page obituary on her.

CONTACT: Matthew Riopelle

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