December 2, 2020

Lenin’s Body

TITLE: Lenin’s Body

PREMISE: Two drunks, with the aid of magic vodka, steal the body of Vladimir Lenin the night before it’s to be buried.

GENRE: Comedy, Geographic comedy

TIME: Contemporary/Future


MARKET: Russia, USA, International

WRITER: Alan Nafzger



OTHER INFORMATION: This is a compete and ready to shot screenplay.

Magic vodka allows two men to steal Lenin’s body the night before it is to be buried.

Most people don’t know the history of Lenin’s last night before burial. The story begins with two business men at the bar in the restaurant Glavpivtorg at Luybyanka. Alexei is a struggling entrepreneur and Dmitry is an underpaid university lecturer. They are drinking at the bar and watching the news of Lenin’s body being removed from the tomb and relocated for burial.

The two men with Lenin’s body are chased by former KGB officers and Moscow police.Ÿ Physical Comedy – Transporting a dead body can be comedic. He is dropped, stolen, given CPR, electrocuted, bitten by a dog, falls into the river, taken to the garbage dump, and is dry cleaned.


Ÿ Political Satire – Our film pokes plenty of fun at communists and the icon Lenin who should have been buried a very long time ago.

Ÿ Social Satire – All of Moscow is moving around but still they are asleep. Almost no one in today’s Moscow even notices the dead body. Lenin sits in a café and no one even looks at him.

Ÿ GeoPic – Marina, this is Russia’s first GeoPic. Geography and Moscow locations are very symbolic and add meaning to the film.

Ÿ Improvisational Comedy – Because the script is in English, I would (if possible) give the actors a lot of leeway on dialogue.

Ÿ Chase Film – A previous communist operative chases the characters through the movie – first with a pistol and then with a large stick.

· Ÿ Shock value that appeals to young people.
· Ÿ Political controversy in the media.
· Ÿ Lenin nostalgia that appeals to the older audience.
· Ÿ Our still photographer can post on social media. I would take 1000s of stills while making the film. Then once done trickle them out as if we are making the film.
· Ÿ Vodka Company
· Ÿ Hotel
· Ÿ Restaurant

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Lonely Boy

TITLE: Lonely Boy

WRITER: Neville Kiser

PREMISE: When a young hospital orderly and cinephile is recently diagnosed with terminal skin cancer, his world is turned upside down the moment his cancer comes to life in the form of actor Bill Murray.

CONTACT: UTA, Keya Khayatian & Amanda Hymson

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One Night in Mississippi

One Night in Mississippi by Michele Atkins

An elderly black man in present day with onset dementia must confront the secrets of his past in order to pursue a man, thought deceased, involved in the white supremacist killing of his brother in 1964 Mississippi. Kevin Bray is attached to direct in addition to producing.

Producers: Kevin Bray, Caviar, Francey Grace

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