October 21, 2020

Minimum Viable Population

TITLE: Minimum Viable Population

PREMISE: Just after a total extinction event on Earth there is a regime change, not with the human government but in the alien government. A more progressive alien government begins to make policy and seeks to repopulate Earth with frozen embryos from a storage center. There are no human characters and scientifically it is a real challenge to find a host to carry the embryos. There is sabotage and political intrigue surrounding the science. At center in this script is the debate about the human race. There is plenty of room for social commentary. Half the film is a debate about the value in preserving humanity and the other is an alien civil war over it’s future. In most sci-fi film, alien societies are depicted as monolithic and in total agreement. This film is very political and the aliens don’t all agree.

GENRE: Science fiction, political thriller.

TIME: Future

SETTING: Earth and alien home planet.

MARKET: International, USA.

WRITER: Alan Nafzger

CONTACT: alan.nafzger@gmail.com

COPYRIGHT: Short story, “Minimum Viable Population,” copyright 2019.

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