October 21, 2020

South China Sea

TITLE: South China Sea

PREMISE: A transgender Filipino becomes the victim of discrimination but rises to hero status when hostilities erupt in the South China Sea.

GENRE: LBGTQ drama, drama, war drama

TIME: Future

SETTING: Philippines

MARKET: Asia, USA, International

WRITER: Alan Nafzger

CONTACT: alan.nafzger@gmail.com


OTHER INFORMATION: This is a compete and ready to shot screenplay.

Philippines Fishermen vs The Chinese Navy in the South China Sea

LOGLINE: A transgender woman must join a Philippine fishing crew to escape homelessness. In the South China Sea, Riley finds discrimination, adventure and in the end personal victory.


Riley: Homosexual male thrust into life of hardship. She must abandon her true sexuality to survive.

Nobleza: Owner of a fishing fleet. When her boat is rescued from a typhoon, he adopts Riley and places him as a cook on a fishing boat.


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