October 21, 2020

The 10th Cavalry

TITLE: The 10th Cavalry

PREMISE: The Buffalo Soldier tragedy of 1877, also known as the Staked Plains Horror, occurred when a combined force of African American troops of the 10th Cavalry and local buffalo hunters wandered for days in the dry Llano Estacado region of north-west Texas during July of a drought year. The groups had united forces for a retaliatory attack on regional Comanche groups who had been staging raids on whites in the area, during what came to be called the Buffalo Hunters’ War. Over the course of five days in the near-waterless Llano Estacado, four soldiers and one buffalo hunter died.

GENRE: African American drama, War drama, Historical drama

TIME: 1877

SETTING: West Texas

MARKET: USA, International

WRITER: Alan Nafzger

CONTACT: alan.nafzger@gmail.com


OTHER INFORMATION: This is a compete and ready to shot screenplay.

Logline: Gabriel and July, former slaves, join the 10th Cavalry and become buffalo soldiers. They encounter Comanche, and former confederates in the harsh conditions of west Texas.

Film Reference: The book Dances with Wolves was originally written about the Comanche Indians. The film was changed to Sioux, because of the larger number of Sioux speakers. This feature film would be the long awaited story of the Comanche. The principal characters however are African American.


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