May 7, 2021

Enter the Contest

Thank you. We think a democratic and free-market approach beats the hell out of the good ole’ boy network of deciding what movies get made.

The cost is $24 per year, only $2 per month. It takes the average movie premise an average of four (3.8) years to hit the silver screen, and that’s if it even gets made. So, we’ve set it up so your subscription as reoccurring. During the year, post as many ideas as you like. We’ll do our best to evaluate them.

Here’s what you get…

  • Promotion: We’re going to email every entertainment journalist, producer, and talent agent we can find once each month and announce the monthly, bi-annual and year to date winners. Since they cover the less democratic screenplay competitions, they will be obligated to cover this competition.
  • Feedback: There is a process for providing feedback. I hope it’s constructive. Over 40 literary and film story professionals in five continents have commenting rights, as well as a few constructive film fans. Yes, we make them take a test before they are allowed to comment.
  • Goodies: The owners of this site have earmarked over $180,000 in advertising. We’re buying everything from Los Angeles and New York radio, to t-shirts and sunglasses. The sunglasses will come in handy because from where we’re sitting the winner’s futures looks very bright.

Don’t worry. the premise you submit will always belong to you. We have absolutely no ownership interest in any of the premises submitted here. What you are trying to do here is get the attention of a buyer based on the merit of your idea.

Our members receive 5 votes per day. You can’t cheat. The internet isn’t anonymous as depicted in the movies. :-). We have sophisticated statistical software that finds the cheaters. In other words, if someone tries to vote a premise up from say, Ghana or Nigeria, we pretty much know about it immediately. And besides cheating is largely a waste of time; you’ll still eventually have to persuade the money men your script is worth investing in.

You don’t submit a screenplay here, but the winners are sure to receive requests for their completed work. When that happens we feel great, but please don’t forget to have your entire work copyright protected as this is an open forum.

After you’ve subscribed, you will be returned to add a new post. Please use the following format. Enter this information and nothing else.










We don’t expect you to leave us but when you sell your idea you won’t need us anymore, not unless it’s for your next hit. We’ve created an easy way to unsubscribe with the following button.