May 7, 2021

Oscar Night

TITLE: Oscar Night

PREMISE: Evan McCray is a cowboy and not just that he teaches agriculture at Texas smallest high school. He’s also been nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Chloe Baker is a struggling actress in Los Angeles. An accident propels this unlikely pair together on a date Oscar Night.

GENRE: Drama, Romantic drama

TIME: Contemporary

SETTING: Los Angeles, California

MARKET: USA, International

WRITER: Alan Nafzger



OTHER INFORMATION: This is a compete and ready to shot screenplay.

When a long-shot nominee screenwriter’s date falls through, he finds a more than adequate replacement.

This screenplay is Pretty Woman (1990) meets the Academy Awards.


Evan McCray (24) teaches Agricultural Sciences at Texas’s smallest high school. He is of course very rural Texan, a cowboy. He has written a screenplay and it has become a hit in an era where western films just aren’t done. Everything goes as planned by his agent, until his date falls through. He is a good hearted cowboy thrown into a nest of vipers and without one of the snake tongs (reptile grabber).

Chloe Baker (28) is a want to be starlets. She grew up in Los Angeles wanting to be a star. She has been lost in the crowd and has never really had an opportunity. However, fortune smiles on the brave. There seems to be a curve for women in Hollywood and Chloe knows she is just past her prime. She has a crappy job during the day and is an “escort” at night. Most of her money goes to acting lessons, photography and fashion. She has a negative jaded opinion of herself, but she still works out and there is a modest effort remaining.

Bells Braune is a TV starlet who can’t make the Oscars. She is bitten by a shark. It is a tragedy as she is a star because of how she looks in a bathing suit. Her let isn’t gone or anything but there are about 50 stitches in her leg. She isn’t too broken up about it. She is chiefly a surfer and secondarily she is an actress. It is almost like an “honorable scar” or “badge of honor” with her surfing buddies. She is named after Bells Beach in Australia.

Jack is a nervous and desperate agent.

Cyndi is an energetic publicist.


Evan changes from a reluctant participant and mild mannered cowboy into a high-strung social critic and truth teller.

Chloe changes from a jaded want-to-be actress into a charming starlet. She rises to a feisty energetic new starlet.

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