May 7, 2021

Premise Wars Screenplay Contest

Dubbed by the media as the “People’s Screenplay Contest,” our new screenplay voting site could revolutionize the process of greenlighting films. We want the scrutiny and competition to refine and improve your idea and in the end the film scripts.

Sure, we have our favorite screenplay contests. We respect and follow: Nicholl Fellowships, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, and of course The Black List. There are too many to list, but we do things a little differently. Our members, the same people that visit box offices, vote for in this screenplay contest.

We Love Screenwriters…

We think we’re more democratic and so writers love us in return. Members of this website vote on the premise submitted. The cost is $24 per year and screenwriters can submit unlimited premise for review. They can submit their screenplays for our members to review, but its not required. Members only vote on the premise.

Whatever premise category you submit to, every entrant should receive multiple reads and feedback. There are opportunities for mentorship. And fellowships. And sales! Premise Wars creator, Lee Miller, says entries should be short and distinct and beg “film professionals to read the script.”

He advises entrants with multiple film ideas to submit to different categories or consider adapting a script for other competitions including Playwriting, Shorts, Digital Series, and Fiction Podcasts.

And, We Love Movie Fans Too…

So you want participate in the voting? You want to help us change the way screenplays are selected? GREAT! Glad to have you. Your opinion is welcome. While we do invite industry professionals based on merit. We also invite film fans, movie aficionados, people like you and I. There is a simple test. A survey of interest. But its nothing any a free thinker should fear.

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