May 7, 2021


TITLE: Pun-Off

PREMISE: A small-town Texas girl in search of a better life, Rose McMurtry, aspires to becoming a secretary, but she’s clumsy and helplessly disorganized, meaning she’s a disaster in the office. But, when she starts working for a book publisher, Louis Wyatt, her one true talent starts to shine through. Her only real talent is wordplay. Puns. She uses a pun in nearly every sentence for humorous or rhetorical effect. She’s also pretty good with the double entendre. Fortunately her boss, all he cares about is winning the top prize at an upcoming pun-off competition. wordplay using.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

TIME: Contemporary or 1980s

SETTING: Austin, Texas


WRITER: Marti Gosteli

CONTACT: Marti Gosteli,



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