May 7, 2021


TITLE: Share
WRITERS: Mark Charran & Beth Goldberg

Drama, Adventure Drama, Crime Drama, Political Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Crime Thriller, Detective Film, Film Noir, Political Thriller, Sci-Fi Thriller

In the near future “Emotional Surrogacy,” a process whereby emotional deficiencies are transferred from a patient to a willing human surrogate, has become the standard procedure in mental healthcare. Yet when three high-profile individuals begin to experience eerie side effects from their procedure, SHARE (the company that treated them) dispatches its lead investigator to discredit their claims. As this investigator continues his task, he realizes that these three people hold a piece of a puzzle that begins to unravel the SHARE corporation’s mysterious past, and must determine whether to expose SHARE’s secrets to the world in this “Black Mirror” meets “Eternal Sunshine” Sci-fi noir thriller.

CONTACT: Mark in Hollywood

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