May 7, 2021

Eden, Ukraine

TITLE: Eden, Ukraine

PREMISE: In Genesis 2, we are told that there were two named trees in the Garden of Eden–the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. So, what happened to these two trees–and the Garden itself for that matter? Did these trees eventually die? Some feel that the two trees didn’t die, but have been hidden among us and in a quite well-publicized location. Doubters feel that evidence of the Garden of Eden at Chernobyl is simply wishful thinking. WARNING: This screenplay contains elements of magical realism which may confuse or flabbergast readers.

GENRE: Magical realism, Religion

TIME: Contemporary

SETTING: Chernobyl, Ukraine

MARKET: Russia

WRITER: Alan Nafzger


COPYRIGHT: 2013, published novel, Eden, Ukraine

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